With a passion for Vietnamese handicraft, Harry and Jolia founded VietS Company in 2005 to fulfill their ambition in promoting the products of traditional craft villages in Vietnam, a developing country with many years of agricultural legacies.

Their ambition was strengthened when they visited the villages and witnessed the poor living conditions of the unemployed villagers, especially women whose livelihood depended so much on their crops and the unstable incomes from their husbands.

Fuelled by this ambition, the founders have developed VietS into a successful company extending its production to craft villages across Vietnam, from the Northern region to the Mekong Delta.

Besides selecting the best products using natural materials from the Vietnamese craft villages, Harry and Jolia and their team at VietS always update with new developments in Europe and America, ensuring that their products keep up with the current trends and demands of the market.

In addition, the production process and environment are always monitored and improved to meet the increasingly demanding standards from Europe and America, such as BSCI, CTPAT, CE, EN….

This has led to the multiplication of VietS products, currently with more than 3,000 different ones, and its expansion to worldwide markets, especially the EU and US.